5:30 pm, 11/14 VBB’s next production: A celebration of VBB’s Archives at the University of Houston Library!

Visit VBB’s Flickr site to view photos from VBB's season and from most recent Borderlines production!

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If you have ideas about issues you would like to see VBB explore - through our productions, radio, or workshops - please call or email our office.

Multi-disciplinary Arts

"VBB is a unique cultural organization that brings to Houston the most diverse and progressive voices of the international writers, artists, and activists. As an exiled Iranian novelist, VBB feels like "home" to me.”
–Farnoosh Moshiri, recipient of VBB’s 2006 Vailente Award and author of four novels including The Bathhouse and Gravity.

Each year, VBB hosts about 8-10 multidisciplinary performances. We continue to challenge traditional methods of presenting art, culture and history by combining our low-budget with cutting edge technology. From our start in a bookstore in southwest Houston where we presented spoken word, uncensored open mic and multi-disciplinary art such as capoeira and African American jazz we have evolved into an organization that is known around Houston and beyond for the ways in which the art we create intersects today’s global, national and local socio-political issues.

VBB has used basic telephone phonelines to bring in voices such as Naomi Shihab Nye, Arundhati Roy and Ahmed Rashid to our Houston audience through the microphone, and for the way in which we give young artists from high schools around the city the same billing as internationally known artists. We believe the world should exist without boundaries and we use art to present our vision of a different world.

VBB's core productions are: living room art, Live Art, VBB Radio: Think Global – Act Local! and Cultural Narratives.

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VBB is a multidisciplinary arts organization. Our mission is to
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