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 Job Opening
College Internships

I hadn’t gotten on stage since high school and this was a good experience to give me back my confidence and self-belief, especially in talking in public or in front of an audience. This experience gave me confidence and explored a side of me as I read a piece of poetry that I had written. I read my poem in the three different languages that I know. I read my poem in English, Spanish, and Arabic.
intern Ahlam Daraghmeh

Our education programs catalyze students to question and better understand for themselves their place in the world, all the while providing them with the knowledge that they can use to navigate their chosen careers with very real and attainable skills. These skills are as simple as listening and public presentation and as powerful as the drive to succeed in a society dominated by groups other than their own.

VBB's internships have trained students from different Houston universities and diverse backgrounds. To set up the structure of their internship experience, VBB will work with students to outline their curriculum by specifying an interest in one of four categories:

  • Development: Grant research, grant writing, donor development, and fundraising

  • Administration: Filing, digitizing files, shredding, and organizing

  • Arts Production: Documentation, photography, and curatorial assistance

  • Marketing/Outreach: Community outreach, marketing materials such as press releases, social media management, and graphic design
  • Weekly meetings are held to assess progress and changes are made once interns get a clearer sense of what skills they wish to learn.

    To sign up for an internship, or to learn more about how to become a VBB intern, contact us by phone at 713-524-7821, or via e-mail at info<@>vbbarts.org.

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